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The Grand Mouth Speaks

What I've learned in my FIRST 82 years                                   and 2,256 minutes

     I wrote a book.  It is called "Marry Merry Mary Christmas." I think is good and so do my wife, one of my cousins, and five ladies at our church.

     I was told that writing the book was just part of the job. Now I needed to tell people about it and one of the ways was to have a block bock bog blog. I'll give it a try.

     It will be a monthly blog called "The Grand Mouth Speaks." There is a move in square dancing called the Grand Square where everybody is moving, participating, and having a good time. That will be my goal in the monthly blog.  I will attempt to keep you entertained and warn you about any pitfalls that may lay in your path. I will attempt to use humor so I won't sound whiney.

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